We meet for eight-weeks to learn and practice evidenced-based tools to self-care. Click here to read a full description of the model. People who worked with me said: 

  • "I have been more awake of the moment and it had made me want more self-care in my life. I started working out, eating healthy, and have better nights sleeps" Kristina

  • "It helped me to go through a difficult time and reminded me of the importance of self-care. I am more committed to have self-care time. I feel more physically and emotionally connected" Brittany

  • "Given me a space to take a deep breath each week in the midst of such a crazy work schedule. I've made new friends, and have more tools for mindfulness." Shelley

  • "I have felt calmer, that the tools we learned, i.e, soft belly will better help my ability to manage physical stress and anxiety by giving me a method of breathing deeply" Amanda

  • "Physically, it has helped me identity in the moments. This has reduced some daily tension in my back, neck, and shoulders. Emotionally, it has opened up a lot of feelings, sometimes good and sometimes bad. It has also helped in times of intense stress in my relationship." Stephanie

  • "Wonderful support, taking time out to share what's going on in me, and focus on self care. It has reinforced my belief that these tools help-but only if you use them. Meeting regularly is a good practice." Dina. 

  • "I highly recommend taking time out of your life to experience this training. If you care for others it's critical to care for yourself, this group provides not only the skills but the space to rejuvenate and replenish yourself."Tony

  • "It reminded me that I am in charge of how I spend my time and what I make of it. I learned some great methods to relax, I continue to practice" John

  • "I incorporated a relaxation period to each night prior to going to sleep and have used imagery to reduce pain in my shoulder" Yana

Self-care is vital for good health. We teach evidence-based techniques you can use in your life to decrease anxiety, stress, pain and improve your mental and physical well-being. These techniques include meditation, guided imagery, the genogram, biofeedback; self-expression in words, drawings, and movement; and group support. 


The approach is grounded in self-awareness, self-care and mutual support. It is an educational approach that focuses on individual and community strengths and capacity for self-reliance, rather than on psychopathology.

Practicing self-care can bring out (1) the possibilities and resources that reside within you and, (2) to tap into your natural human potential for growth regardless of the challenges you endure. Sharing your story will help you experience hope; a vital emotion for healing and wholeness.

Wellbeing happens when you are in touch with your emotions and thoughts. You feel more congruent with who you are as a person, a spouse, a parent, a health care provider, as a leader, etc. Life flows harmoniously in you leading to a felt sense of being in charge of yourself. As a result, your self-worth is healthy and you connect better with others.


When life feels like it ceases to flow you end up with existential suffering, guilt and anxiety. Of course, you are doing the best you can to restore the flow. It may not be perfect but it is the best you know how for now. Counseling can help you access your potential for growth by reconnecting with yourself.


Dr. Isabelle Shepard


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