The goals of psychotherapy are to bring out (1) the possibilities and resources that reside within you and, (2) to tap into your natural human potential for growth regardless of the challenges you endure. Sharing your story will help you experience hope; a vital emotion for healing and wholeness.

How can I help You?

Wellbeing happens when you are in touch with your emotions and thoughts. You feel more congruent with who you are as a person, a spouse, a parent, a health care provider, as a leader, etc. Life flows harmoniously in you leading to a felt sense of being in charge of yourself. As a result, your self-worth is healthy and you connect better with others.

When life ceases to flow you end up with existential suffering, guilt and anxiety. Of course, you are doing the best you can to restore the flow. It may not be perfect but it is the best you know how for now. Counseling can help you access your potential for growth by reconnecting with yourself. Below are examples of topics we can work on. Let me know if something is missing. 

Autoimmune diseases

There's no glory in suffering!! It's crippling and depressing even if the experience has the potential to transform your perspective on life. Still, you have to go through hell to reach that point. Meanwhile, you’re dependent on medications to make it a day at a time. No wonder you feel isolated and hopeless. What about your self-worth? It's injured and searching for hope. What’s next? You are NOT the illness. You are YOU.

Existential crisis

Tell me what ails? What is going on at this stage of your life? Are you in a type of relentless type of mood that surfaces out of nowhere? Of course you are, we all are at some point in our life. ,Is like despaire kicks in whenever you feel insignificant and meaningless? What's your story? 


Infidelity feels like someone dropped a bomb on your head! Now, you're in a mental war zone. The distress is such that you can hardly breath or think clearly. Each second is a battle to keep your sanity. How Am I going to make it? Tough... Bouncing is possible, yes, it is possible to grow stronger than the pain; this is why your current priority is intensive self-care.


Have you ever noticed how things get better when family members work together to solve their issues? How's your family communication doing? What about boundary-setting? What is going on? Is your adult child failing his/her grades? Do you feel disrespected, unvalued? What would it take to have the family of your dream? Let's talk about it.

What can psychotherapy do for you?
  • Improve your communication & relationship

  • Cultivate an inner sense of well-being regardless of the challenges you endure

  • Share what's in your heart 

  • Improve your sense of self-worth 

  • Help you cultivate hope to move you forward not backward. So yes, you can reverse the mental side effects of your distress by transforming the way you relate to it

  • Develop a philosophical and/or spiritual understanding of the significance of what is happening to you

  • Reflect on the positive effects of your experience 

  • Explore ways you can use your experience to help others

  • Create a healthy support system: who is reliable and helpful? Who is indifferent and uncaring?

  • Cultivate a sense of efficacy and resilience when dealing with the health care system

"Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." - George Bernard Shaw